New deal for UK to rejoin Horizon Europe

A bespoke deal has now been secured for the UK to rejoin Horizon Europe, the world’s largest research collaboration programme which will run until 2027.

This means that UK scientists will be able to receive European Research Council grants, join the governance of EU programmes, and lead consortia in the next work programme of Horizon Europe projects. It will also give UK companies and research institutions opportunities to lead global work to develop new technologies and research projects, in areas from health to AI.

It was announced that the UK will pay in almost €2.6 billion a year for its participation, with a safety mechanism in place to address underperformance if 16% more is put in than UK scientists win in grant funding.

As of 7th September 2023, UK researchers can apply for grants and bid to take part in projects under Horizon Europe and will be able to participate fully in the programme from 1st January 2024. This includes 2024 calls which open this year.

Speaking about the UK rejoining Horizon Europe, Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak said, “Innovation has long been the foundation for prosperity in the UK, from the breakthroughs improving healthcare to the technological advances growing our economy.

With a wealth of expertise and experience to bring to the global stage, we have delivered a deal that enables UK scientists to confidently take part in the world’s largest research collaboration programme.

We have worked with our EU partners to make sure that this is right deal for the UK, unlocking unparalleled research opportunities, and also the right deal for British taxpayers.”

Rishi Sunak and EU Commission President, Ursula Von der Leyen have agreed that the UK and EU will work together to boost participation in the programme. You can read the official announcement on the UK government website here.

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